October 2, 2012

Hello Loves,

Fall has arrived and I am loving that it is here!!! Now don't get me wrong we had a fabulous summer over here on the west coast but I am so excited for Fall!!!

Fall means enjoying beautiful walks through alll the pretty leaves, breathing in the crisp air with the sun shining above and a warm latte in my hand.

  So to celebrate Fall I decorated our front entry way.

I was able to do create this front entry display  for less than $25 DOLLARS,
 I hit up our local superstore and was able to find everything I needed from gorgeous fall mums, fancy grass and some fun little accents. You gotta love a one stop shop!

check out this super cute pumpkin I also found out SUPERSTORE it was a bargin at $3.50

what do you think?
Oh and by all means go ahead and gush over our new walkway, the hubby worked so hard on making it look FAB.
I am so proud of him!
How do you celebrate AUTUMN?


  1. I'm here to gush over your hubby's handwork... nice front walk!! Liking your autumn decorations too :-) The fall is my favourite time of year as well because the world is filled with orange!!

  2. Your entry looks fab! And your hubby did an awesome job on the walkway :-) Aren't the colours of fall just so amazing? It was really nice to meet you at Blend - I wish it wasn't so loud, and it would've been easier to chat... wasn't the volume crazy, a good crazy, but still crazy!

  3. I LOVE your Owl Autumn banner!!!



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