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September 19, 2013

Good Morning Loves!!

Here is what I have been up to the last couple of days:

I made these sweet little thank you cards for my Birthday attendees, I have to say it is pretty amazing what a little scrap paper and stamps can accomplish!

The Hubby hung baby Girls Teacup chandelier... which was from the fabulous Dawna from Aroka Vintage ......and then after he hung the fixture I found the ceiling medallion that we had kicking around.... I am hoping he will re hang the fixture with the medallion next week. I mean "How GORGEOUS would this fixture look with a little Ohh la la added to it"?

 Lil man and Hubby put together the Ikea Gulliver Crib, I found on Craigslist for a steal! I love this crib's simplicity and clean lines. It's funny I really loved the espresso colour of lil J's crib but once we found out it was a girl that we were having...(although I know ultra sounds can be wrong) I really wanted a white crib. I have to say I am  happy with this crib and LUCKY to have a hubby that agreed to us getting another crib.

Oh and I painted this dresser........ I know what you are thinking "THIS GIRL IS AMAZING" :)
I still have to find some knobs / handles for the drawers 

Oh and today I had to have the lovely Gestational Diabetes screening test done.... seriously how gross is that sugar water concoction by the last 3 sips I thought I was going to hurl (sorry for the over share but that stuff is GROSS) 

After the test though I was able to hang out in Starbucks and have a little me time!

 Oh I also found a few more blogs to HEART ON

If you are looking for some fun reads and visually inspiring posts be sure to  check out these ladies BLOGS!!

Holly from "In The Fun Lane"
You have to check out Holly's incredible design style, her home is ABSOLUTELY GORG and she is Canadian!!

Sofia from " Sofia's JournalSofia's Journal is the whimsical rambles of a 20-something English girl

Lauren from "Pearls & Pastries Shop" Can we say sparkle? I Love her photos and her style!

Happy Thursday!!


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