September 12, 2013

I know everyone says this but "How is it September already?"

We had a wonderful August here at Casa M. We spent it hanging out with Friends and Family and enjoying all the different playgrounds and water parks near us. I have to say it was a FABULOUS summer.

 We also found out that we are having a BABY GIRL in December!!! I know so crazy right?
 Lil man is going to have a baby sister!

When the ultrasound Tech told us it was a "SHE" lil J stated that the tech was wrong and that it was a little boy mommy was having... its been a month since that appointment and he has come around to the idea of a lil sis finally.

Just this week I have started nesting and wanting to get the house organized... Mr. M has been wonderful and obliging to all my demands suggestions I have been giving him this week.

I have to admit I have been a little hesitant about getting excited about baby number 2, I know this is normal and I will love this baby just as much as Lil J but it is so crazy to me to think that he will not be my baby anymore. I read THIS blog post by "What Would Gwyneth Do?" about second child syndrome and it reassured me that everything is going to be good.

Also Lil J started his 2nd year of  preschool this week... He was so excited he didn't even want to leave the class at the end.

I on the other hand  am a little sad because all my playground Mama's have either moved or have their kids in the M/W/F class.... I guess this Mama is going to have to make new friends .
I know I know poor me right?

Oh and I also had a little Bday dinner this past weekend ... We had Indian cuisine for dinner it was DELISH!!!!

look at all my pretty ladies!!

Also we threw my niece an early Birthday Party  (they live in Halifax) and I made my first Pink Lemonade Ice Box Cake for her and this Celebrate Sign!

I found the recipe for this Pretty and Pink Cake on the Blog "Club Narwhal" check out the how to HERE.
It is the cutest video 

Looking forward to sharing the nursery progress next week and I may even post about my September Goals... I should post about them that way some of them might get done.

Oh and one last note for my summer reading list I have managed to read: Mindy Kaling's Is everyone hanging out without me? (LOVED IT) and right now I am engrossed with "Girls in White Dresses" by Jennifer Close.
Oh and the only hairstyle I managed to accomplish was the braided crown...

 I will keep you posted on the other "DO's" and "Books".

Happy Thursday Loves!!


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