Sunday Funday!!

November 6, 2013

Morning Loves,

I had a fabulous post for you on Monday but yet again my Mac crashed  (something to do with a faulty hard drive)

We are (apparently) all good again and Apple has assured me that this should most likely not happen again :-/

So here is the post I had intended for Monday with a few things missing...

On  Sunday we  threw a lovely lunch for my mom's 65th birthday. We invited a few of her good friends and my fabulous Grandma to come and celebrate my mom.
Here is the menu we served to everyone

( I kept everything light because it was a lunch we were having)

Cream Cheese with Red Pepper Jelly on top served with rice crackers... So GOOD
Veggies served with a Hummus Dip

Green salad with mandarin slices served with a red onion dressing
Crab and Cream Cheese Quiche 


BIRTHDAY CAKE - Angel food cake

Not one to toot my own horn but seriously TOOT TOOT!! 

I created this Photo Back Drop for a photo session for my mom and her friends ......

It was so easy all you need is string,  a stapler and crepe paper rolls. I made the Celebrate sign in the summer for my nieces birthday and it worked perfectly with the back drop. I think I have a thing for turquoise, fuchsia, and lime green right now.

Here are some pics of my presents to my mom and the table setting... Yes everything is Matchy Matchy.... That's how I roll sometimes.
Check out this Pom Pom Present topper I made from crepe paper and ribbon you can make them too. You can learn how at Oh Happy Day click  HERE

Anyhoo the photo shoot was amazing, we were able to get everyone in party hats and every shot turned out  fabulously!

Now here comes the heartbreaking part... I lost all the photos when my Mac crashed.... for some reason my photo stream/iCloud only copied the first half of the party but not the photo shoot and of course I for some reason deleted the photos from my photo card once I downloaded them to my computer..... I am trying to not be super bummed about this whole thing...

The positive outlook on this is that I am GRATEFUL  that we were able to throw  my mom a party with her friends and family and that everyone had a wonderful time filled with lots of love and laughs... oh and of course the Delicious food!!

Here are some photos that did survive the "Crash"

Happy Hump Day Loves!!


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