Let Me Unload!

July 2, 2014

Hi loves
I hope all my Canadian peeps had a wonderful Canada Day yesterday. 

Here at Casa M we had a pretty chill day it was scorching hot so we pretty much just hung out. I think by noon the heat was getting to me and little J. I say this because today was the day that little Jay decided he was going to make all the rules and consequences be dammed... 

I felt like such a hag all day because I was constantly yelling, telling him no, stop, listen and of course he followed my behaviour with tears, whining, screaming. 

It really was just the best version of both of did we have a blast...

Let's just say bedtime couldn't come fast enough... for both of us. 

I know all parents go through this but man it is hard to be patient, to set rules, to actually follow through on said rules, and  to just be a good example every day for your child, it is really tough some days.

I read a great POST on the blog Write Run Mum  and it just reminded me that I'm not alone in this and that there are so many of us out there struggling to raise these little people and that it's not a piece of cake being a parent you have to make sucky decisions but those "sucky decisions" are needed in order to ensure your child that you are the parent and that you are the good example they need to follow.

AnyHoo I know tomorrow is another day and with it comes a fresh new start. I know my beautiful little boy is going to wake up with a smile and tell me that he had a great sleep and dreamed about Lego. My daughter will greet me with the biggest grin and squeal when I enter her room in the morning.

All these ups and downs- that is the joy of being a parent... and on most days I wouldn't trade being a mom for anything 

so I thank you Loves for just letting me vent today.


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  1. Awww...lovely Aubs...sorry to hear you had a similar Canada Day to me. It's so stressful when they make you break out the "mean mummy voice". My girls woke up with nothing but love and hugs for me this morning...I hope it was the same at Casa M. Sending love and hugs your way. xo K.



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