July 30, 2014

Hi loves,

Are we all enjoying this beautiful week?

Here is the Monday Merriment List:

(really I should start calling it the weekly Merriment list)

This one is going to make you laugh!

 One of my GFs is visiting this week (woo hoo) and we met up downtown for lunch on Monday.(double woo hop)

Now I must state this GF of mine is a true fashionista. I mean she is a fashion designer, so she always looks fabulous and  I mean I was going to be downtown. 

SO Super Fashionista and downtown lunch =   reason to get out of my suburban sweatpants. 

okay so I'm on my way to meet her downtown and we are meeting in from the convention center. I chatting on my  phone with her trying to see where she is at and I turn around and burst out laughing guess what loves? 

So freaking funny ... at least I know I can still dress myself in other things besides sweats LOL

I wish we took the twinsie picture in front of the water it would've been so much prettier than all this cement. 
You can find this super cute summer frock at the GAP and become our triplet!!

Now I really need to give props to Instagram!!  Because without Instagram  I would have no clue  about all the fantabulous entrepreneurs, products, magazines and just plain amazing people (not than you can be both plain and amazing at the same time) out there around the world.

Today I wanted to share with you my discovery of Mollie Makes Magazine from the UK


Mollie Makes magazine is perfect for crafty DIYers, people who heart pretty things and the fabulous. 

It seems every issue comes with a little DIY project and a little something pretty making it well worth its higher price. 

I mean seriously look at those shoe gems ADORBS. If you are a creative being or love learning new things you will LOVE Mollie Makes

And if the first merriment did not make you laugh I think the last one will. 

Hubby and I have become huge fans of Brooklyn 99. That show is funny yo. 

It just showed up on Netflix in the last month and we have been trying really hard not to marathon it.

And there you have it LOVES! Hope you enjoyed the Monday Merriment List!


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