Weekend Forecast

February 3, 2012

This weekend is going to be busy around Casa M! The hubs is actually off so it is going to feel like a "real weekend".

First up is a Saturday morning run with the lovely S. We will be doing one of our short runs (4km) for the half marathon training. (I still can`t believe I am training for one) Oh I almost forgot we will be doing a 9km  Sunday morning.

We have new home furnishings coming on Saturday!!! The hubs' good friend is moving in with his pretty lady and has offered us all the stuff that doesn't fit into their new place. Now some of you might be thinking "ewwww a bachelors left over furniture?" Not this girl.  This guy's eye for interior design is incredible. Can we say "AWESOME"?  His taste is very modern so it will be interesting to see how the pieces fit with our eclectic mix.

2 of these floor lamps

This piece of art

This Futon

This 3 piece of art

Not too shabby eh? All for the cost of a rental van from budget! I am so excited about these pieces, it means I can say good bye to a certain floor lamp that drives me crazy.

Oh and the most exciting part of our weekend will be bringing home this ridiculous-ness

Meet Miss Daisy, Mina's new friend

Have a great weekend!!



  1. Ohh so many lovely pieces of furniture! They'll look great in your place. And another dog? Oh my!

    1. I know crazy right? She needs a home and we have the space. We will see how it goes.

  2. That furniture & art is gorgeous! It's going to look fab I'm sure! Good luck with your should be awesome for it!

  3. I need to find someone to give me their great furniture and art! Love what you're getting from the deal ;-) And congrats on your new doggie!!!
    P.S. So terrific that you're running a half-marathon!!

    1. Aww thanks Victoria! My house is finally starting to come together. Who knew it would take someone elses stuff to ignite the drive to get moving on our house decor.



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