A Moment

February 28, 2012

Life is made up, not of sacrifices or duties, but of little things, in which smiles and kindness, and small obligations given habitually, are what preserve the heart and secure comfort.
Humphry Davy

Today I had one of the sweetest moments with my lovable little  man, we were playing on the back deck and then my lil man took my hand and walked me over to the stairs. He took a seat on a step and then patted the spot beside him and said "sit sit" (imagine it with a 2 year old accent) way too cute. I sat beside him and listened as  he proceeded to share with me that he wanted to go for a walk with our "Maymay" (Mina the beagle) and "Dayday" (Daisy the beagle) and Mama (that's me) and Dada and then we would take a CHOO CHOO (most likely Thomas the tank emgine) Now normally at this time of day I am trying to get laundry done, make the hubbys lunch and or cleaning the house but thankfully we decided to go outside. Could you imagine that instead of enjoying this sweet moment with my J man I had chosen to stay inside and catch-up on all household duties?

Today I am linking up with the ever so FABULOUS B from "Bits of Bee" for her weekly
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  1. Aww so sweet, I love it! And a fantastic quote too. Thanks for linking up again this week miss Aubrey ;)

    1. Thanks B and thans so much for hosting this linky every week

  2. What a lovely post, Aubrey! Your lil man is gorgeous. Enjoy your day!!

    1. Thanks so much S. He keeps us busy. Have a great weekend!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jodi! and thanks so much for stopping by bellalime

  4. He is absolutely adorable! What a doll!



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