A Musical PIck Me Up

January 28, 2013

Hello Loves,

How is it only Tuesday??? I know I shouldn't be complaining because really I have nothing to complain about.   Seriously, I was the Chiquita still in her PJ's at noon yesterday but doesn't  it feel like it should be at least Wednesday?

So to get my lazy self up and moving and for all of you feeling the Tuesday meh's,
here is a little pick me up from the ever so talented CANADIAN "Little Miss Higgins". 

Little Miss Higgins - BARGAIN! SHOP PANTIES from Colin Hubick on Vimeo.

Did you bust a move? Do a little sexy wiggle?   I even threw in a little sprinkler and  pepper grinder.  I love this song!! Consider me PICKED UP.... btw I don't even know where we would find bargain Panties in Vancity :P

Happy Tuesday Loves!!!



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  1. Thanks for posting the video!




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