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January 17, 2013

Happy Thursday Loves!!! It has been Chilly here on the West Coast but we can't complain it has also been beautiful! 

We finally have the house back in order after hosting lil mans 3rd bday party this Sunday, Man those preschoolers know how to PARTY!!! It was a great day to host a Firetruck Party (is it a firetruck or fireman party?)
My Brother created the all too awesome fireman on the Chalkboard wall for lil Man and one of my amazing GF's made the Happy Birthday sign! I am telling you all this chalkboard wall was the best addition so far!!

OMG This Firetruck cake made by the ever so talented Stacey of Sweet Cakes by Stacey was the highlight of the party and is still the highlight at Casa M everyday day after dinner!!! You can check out Stacey's website HERE

Check out these mini cupcakes Stacey Created as well too cute and absolutely DELISH

Lil man had a blast with all his friends running around being CRAZY. I am loving 3, of course it has only been 6 days but right now we are having a blast!



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