Sweet Hearts

January 24, 2013

Hello Loves,

How is everyone's  week going? Over here at Casa M we have been a little lazy, 
I think it is due to the RAIN ...... 
I love the rain but I don't want to BE in the rain.  

So little man and I filled our days with dance parties, car races, puzzle solving and a few ridonkulous games of memory. Oh and LEGO... Check out that 'copter..yeah that's right I made that!

In between our dance parties and races around the house 
I managed to make this sweet little heart garland. That's right I got my CRAFT ON....

 Grab some Scissors,  a pencil, pretty paper, twine/thread and a hole punch, and I have to say I cheated and used a heart template...

Here is my photo montage of 

TA DAAAA sweet little Heart Garland

 Fun right?? 
I am working on getting my craft on this year! 
SO there it is, my first little Crafty craft creation for 2013! 

 I was thinking of making this awesome LOVE pillow next!  This GORG gem was made by the FABULOUS Shalyn of the blog
 "So Shay"
Be sure to check out her amazing post on her new office as well... LOVE IT

SIDE NOTE: As I was making this heart garland I was wondering what else do people do to decorate for Valentines Day? I mean besides sticking hearts all around the house... How do you decorate for VALENTINE"S DAY???

Thanks for stopping by LOVES!!!

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