And Then There Were 4

February 17, 2014

Hi Loves!!

I have someone  I want to introduce to you....

Meet our beautiful Ella Rose

Miss E arrived on December the 13th ( a Friday) by a planned C-section
and just like her big bro she was sent to the NICU for fluid on the lungs must be a
 C-section thing?
After hanging out in the NICU for 7 hours, which felt like eternity for this Mama... Miss E was able to join us in our room.. for some long overdue snuggles.. nothing is better than those first few days of staring at each other and snuggling nonstop!!

After 2 days in the hospital we were able to head home- I could of stayed all week
 (love those nurses and all the help they give)

I don't know if it is easier because it was planned the second time or because I am in such good shape this time...(Ha Ha ya right) but my recovery from the C-section was a lot quicker. I think it is because there was a Lil J waiting at home for Mama to be back to normal now that baby sis had arrived.

Yup this moment almost killed me... The overwhelming feeling of Love I have for these two is so HUGE I don't know how I am able to contain it all inside..

The last 2 months have been amazing and crazy busy. We are all trying to map our way at how to be a family of 4. 
Although I have to admit I can't remember how we were when Miss E wasn't a part of our lives...
Isn't that crazy?.. 
its like she was always part of our life before she even arrived.

Okay honestly I could go on and on about this doll!

Happy Monday Loves!




  1. Hi Aubrey!
    Congratulations - she's just beautiful! I thought I had a big project underway, but clearly no where near as big as yours! I hope you are doing well and feeling great!
    xo Sheila

    1. Hi Sheila, Thank you.. I can't believe how big she is getting already!!



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