Stairway to ... the Deck

August 11, 2014

Hi Loves

It is finally happening!!!  Mr M went and bought wood for the back deck stair's handrails!
You have no idea how excited I am. You see we have this awesome back deck with the BEST stairs down to the back yard.

You know the stairs that you want to sit the whole ENTIRE family on and have photos taken!
The stair are WIDE and the perfect incline for people spacing in photos BUT there are NO railings!!
 I don't know why the peeps before us never put them in, because they had 2 young kids too and believe me it is scary having kids and no hand rails. Play-dates in the summer were nightmares  but not anymore.....

What a beautiful sight....
Now that the handrails are going up, I can finally really focus on making the deck our perfect outdoor living space. The first thing we will be doing is  painting the deck. I wanted to paint it grey but because we are on a bit of a time schedule we opted to keep it the same colour therefore only having to do touch ups.

There is also the layout of the deck I would like to work on.. we will be needing  areas for the BBQ, sitting with Friends, family dining and a little section for lil J and Miss E to hangout

The biggest (most expensive) project I would like to tackle is the recovering of our outdoor furniture... the fabric on at least half of the cushions is starting to rip from being out in the elements all year.  We are still saving moola up for this project, so I am thinking we may get to enjoy the finished project in September..

But for now we will have a newly painted deck with handrails along the stairs and at night we will get to sit under these twinkling lights...

I am so  very impressed with Mr M's productivity on this set of holiday's.
I have to say it is really rewarding to finally have saved some extra moola to put into things -like handrails and paint...

 I will discuss our get out of debt another day but today I am so happy !!! Looking forward to sharing the finished deck with you darlings.

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