Good Bye Wallflower, Hello HAPPY

January 26, 2015

You know that saying... "Put out to the universe what you would like and the universe will answer"?

Well right now the universe is being awesome!!!!  I am not sure if you know this but I am a shy gal. I am one of those people who is fabulous one on one, but get me in a group and I do an excellent job of blending into the background. It used to really bother me that I couldn't just walk up to someone and say hi and start a conversation.

So you can imagine how  easy it is for me to do new things with people I don't know...

Well guess what? This is the year of YES and I am going to believe in myself, live in the moment, and not wait for the "RIGHT" moment. After two years I finally attended a mommy-group meet-up that I have been wanting to join... and I loved it!!! The kids loved it too and I am so excited to finally be a part of the FLOURISH moms group. 

These women were friendly and so welcoming. There is even a drop off area with supervision for the big kids!!!! Lil' J had a blast and Miss E even made a little friend as did her mommy.  

I can't believe I was too scared and shy to join this group, but I am so proud and happy with myself that I finally did.  We are only in January and I have attended and hosted more events and outings than I did in all of 2014 and I love not over thinking them and stressing myself out. Now don't get me wrong- I still run around like a bull in a china shop tidying up, BUT it only lasts for 10mins max now. 

I am even hosting "THE BACHELOR" night at our house every Monday!!! Can you believe it? So the moral of this post is that if you too are waiting for the perfect moment to start something or join something... STOP and just do it!  Join me in the year of YES!! I promise you will be 10x happier if you do.  

Happy Monday LOVES!!


  1. I'm so happy to see you coming off the wall and allowing yourself to be a little bit more in the spotlight. It's where you belong my lovely friend. xoxo

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