The Year of YES

January 15, 2015

Hi Loves,

Happy 2015!!

I love the fresh start of the New Year, there is truly something so motivating about it. This year is my YES year!  MY BELLA YEAR!!

SO here is what I have planned for this shiny brand new year!!

My resolutions for 2015 are to say "yes!" to my ideas... Like wanting to have people over but not over-planning it in my head, and then becoming overwhelmed and not inviting people over. Or waiting to have the perfect photos of my aprons before I list them in my ETSY shop and of course actually sharing with others that I have an ETSY shop. I guess my resolution is to trust myself and believe I can instead of can't.

 This past July I had an A-HA moment, you know OPRAH style.

I had this moment...I can no longer wait until:
  • my body is skinnier = so I can start a class
  • the sewing project, blog post, (...insert project here...) I am working on is perfect to share
  • we have some extra money = so I can properly organize/setup/ style my sewing room so I can sew
  • wait to have a gathering with ALL our friends... seriously I will be waiting forever for the date where everyone can make it.

You are catching my drift, right?

I am tired of waiting for the PERFECT moment to start or do something!

Life is moving too quickly my dears and it is freaking me out. I feel like I am just making it through days waiting for my "Perfect Life" but I realized that my absolutely amazing life, filled with love and adventure, is going on right now and I need to take advantage of it.

Now this is where I get all 'life really is short and I want to live my best' version on you but I digress.

I have been listening to podcasts lately and I am really connecting with Jess Lively's podcast "The Lively Show". If you haven't heard them, you must go to iTunes this very moment and start downloading them.

Anyhoo, I was listening to her podcast on Achieving full life integration with Kristoffer Carter:

In this podcast Kristoffer shares a quote by Brene Brown...this lady is seriously the bombdiggity.
Ok back to the quote, it goes something like this:

"Perfectionism is a ten tonne shield we think is protecting us, when really it just keeps us from being seen".

A-HA moment right there, did you feel it?

Such a simple observation but it hit home for me.

HASHTAG nomoreexcuses HASHTAG mybellalife HASHTAG dontforgettoliveinthemoment

2015 is ours LOVES!


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