July 19, 2012

I am in LOVE with CHINOISERIE!!!  It is amazing how versatile this style is - one minute it can be very chic and modern then with a few changes and additions it can look very ornate and classic.....

What is Chinoiserie you ask well here is a little description from the Website The Cultivated Home.

Chinoiserie, in a variety of forms, is all over the design market these days, but what does it really mean? It is a French term meaning “in the Chinese style” and began its journey into Western culture in the mid 1600’s during the Age of Enlightenment. Many viewed the Chinese and their government as wise and sophisticated and because of this, Westerners sought to incorporate Chinese design concepts into theirs. Chinoiserie began being used in small details of metal and plaster work and the English incorporated Chinese concepts into their gardens. Chinoiserie reached its height, appropriately, during the Rococo period, when it was popularized by the furniture of Thomas Chippendale. Many royal palaces of the day had a Chinese room with murals or wall coverings depicting Asian scenes.

 I have always had dreams of using wallpaper with a chinoiserie print somewhere in the house…

Gorgeous right? These prints always seem to transform the space they are in into an enchanted  forest. Alright enough about the gorgeous paper. Today's covet is  the Chippendale Chinoiserie chair!!

I have always liked them but it wasn’t until I saw these ones

 when I was watching an episode of
Tori & Deans Home Sweet Hollywood (this is an entirely different post! J )
that I really fell in love with the Chippendale Chinoiserie chair.
These chairs state Ì am whimsical, classical and need to be placed in your home``
Yes that is exactly what these chairs are sayin to me!!  I must have some for our breakfast nook. 
I think they would open up the space and add some much needed VA VA VOOM to the kitchen.

I am thinking something along the design and size of these ones....but not in metallic maybe a white, soft green or a butter yellow....

So for now I am on the hunt for 2 chinoiserie Chippendale chairs...... If anyone has spotted some for a FAB deal in the Greater Vancouver area I would be forever grateful for that knowledge!!!
Also if you are in love with CHINOISERIE as well make sure to check out the blog


All photos were sourced from the blog Chinoiserie Chic except Tori and Deans Kitchen which was found on google

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