July 16, 2012

Hello Loves I have a confession to make to all of you…… are you ready? Here goes:

My name is Aubrey and I am a secret “Miss Manners Wannabe”.

 I miss and long for the days of proper etiquette; hand written notes, thank you cards, properly set tables, men giving up their seats for women, people holding doors open for each other, people greeting one another, using the phone and so on…. I know the world is changing and technology is rapidly taking over our loves but wouldn’t it be FABULOUS to bring back etiquette classes?  

Well I think it is a great idea and since I have numerous books on etiquette I thought that I would share a lesson on being proper every Monday and we could all try and practice this lesson throughout the week…. This week since it is the first week I will make it easy…. This week’s lesson is how to properly receive a compliment …… I am terrible at this and really want to work on it. 

 Today’s lesson comes from the book of ETIQUETTE by the ever knowing Peggy Post

Peggy writes:   If you are the one being complimented you will want to show your appreciation and pleasure. Don’t simper and don’t belittle whatever the compliment referred to. For instance if someone says, “What a lovely dress,” don’t say “oh well it was inexpensive, and I don’t think it fits properly.” The appropriate response to ANY compliment is to say “Thank you,” or “I’m so glad you like it,” or “Aren’t you nice to say so.”
                        If you can return the compliment sincerely, do so. Otherwise find a way to continue the conversation. You might say, “It’s been so hard to find a pretty dress the past few years-is there any place you’ve found that has a good selection?” or “Thank you I was just admiring your outfit.”

Gotta love those POSTS!  I am excited to work on receiving a compliment properly and not responding with the awkward “Thanks for that even though it’s not true” How about all of you? How are you at receiving compliments?

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  1. I'm so bad! If someone says you've lost weight I say "Oh well, pshh, I mean, maybe, I had the flu, and idk..ughh...not really....ugh, I still I mean..not really" and its SO AWKWARD. Easier to just say "thank you" - this is something I vowed to work on recently - we must be thinking the same!



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