City Dreaming

July 25, 2012

Happy Happy Hump Day!!!! It's been a busy week around here. I have managed to hit up Main Street, Commercial Drive, Kits, GasTown and Downtown Vancity in the last 3 days

LE Marche St George near Main Street
LE Marache St George was a recomeendation from a friend, otherwise I would have never known about it and that would have been sad.... If you are in the Main Street/Fraser area be sure to stop by this neighbourhood beauty- you will not be disappointed. Make sure to try their Pan Du Chocolate it is absolutely dreamy!

Sophie's in Kits
 I had to have a picture of Sophie's restaurant to represent Kits not to mention I have a soft spot for that diner and its staff!! (probably because I was one of them for awhile!)

Parliment in Gastown
 LOVE LOVE LOVE! that is all

Food Truck YUMMY
I wish I worked downtown- there were at least 5 trucks that I wanted to hit up and knosh on their yummy yummy food.. Guess I will have to become a lady who lunches!

 I MISS CITY LIVING!. I know I know, I am very lucky to have a house with a yard but I came to the conclusion this week that I am truly my happiest in the city. I miss when we as a family could walk out our front door and head to the coffee shop and have my husband, son and beagle sit at an outside table while I went next door to the Boutique to check out all their new arrivals. I would then go back and check on the fam to see if I had a little more time, and then hopefully i'd check out the Vintage Boutique beside the Dress Boutique. Once I was happy with my window shopping and the coffee was finished we would head out for a daily stroll through the neighbourhood, which made me feel so good  because I could just people watch and admire and dream at the rows and rows of Character Homes mixed with condos and people out strolling. Just writing about it makes me feel at ease. 

It is a totally different lifestyle than Suburbia although I didn't realise it until this week. I mentioned this to the hubs, hoping that he would remind me of all the fab things we have and do in our current neighbourhood... and all he said was "I miss the city too!" Well that wasn't helpful...... but it is always nice to know that me and the hubs are on the same page sometimes.  Of course as I write this post, while lounging  on my back deck looking over our flower gardens and listening to the birds sing, I am reminded that life in Suburbia is pretty awesome too!!

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  1. Would you consider moving back?! I love Vancouver too, but I love my neighbourhood too much to ever leave! :)

    1. I think about it.. forsure. I miss the walking/strolling and getting ideas from all the beautiful homes that were in our neighbourhood. Now if we want to go for a walk it is literally a 3 block radius before we hit highway... maybe it's not actually living in the City I miss but living in a neighbourhood



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